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Welcome to Love Air Aviation Dating

  • Do you look skyward at the sound of an aero engine? 
  • Would your life be incomplete without aircraft and airfields?
  • Are you a single man or woman who currently works for one of the world's airlines or the many ancillary service companies?

If aviation is part of your life then Love Air is your pilot dating site. We're here for the pilots, air crew, private aviators, airline staff, air traffic controllers, and anyone who enjoys the sites and sounds of the world of aviation.

If Flight Attendants capture your attention the we're here to provide Cabin Crew dating. We're sending out the call to the world's aviation buddies and airline staff; 'Come to Love Air to find new romance. We'd be happy to have you aboard and look forward to giving you an enjoyable flight'.

Love Air has been cruising the skies of cyberspace since 2004. We've changed aircraft a few times but we're still here to provide a means for aviators around the world to find each other and perhaps find a new co-pilot or wingman. Don't spend your whole life lost in clouds or freezing at icy altitudes. Join Love Air and bask in the warmth of sunny skies.

  • If you have an eye for a man or woman in an airline uniform step right this way and take your seat and get strapped in.
  • If your love life needs more lift & thrust and less weight & drag then let Love Air help your navigate to clearer skies.
  • Register here for free and start your pre flight checks. And remember, Love Air is open to all, not just anyone connected with aviation.

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There's romance in the skies and a love of aviation is all you need to find it. You might be an aviation professional - someone for whom the daily commute takes you to an airport or airfield, or perhaps you're just someone who looks skyward and feels a draw to the clouds.

Whatever your connection to aviation there is very probably a suitable partner waiting for you in here. Take a chance on finding that person by registering today and within minutes you'll be checking out the lovely men and women waiting for you to get in touch. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse to get airborne and start logging time in Love Air.

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"This dating service for aviation types is the best idea I've heard of"
~ Rosemary Arnold, Australia's first woman helicopter pilot and author of Females Above Australia