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Mentour Merchandise and much more!

Mentour Merch!! 👉 SUPERCHAT = Guaranteed answer (If it doesn’t work, or if missed, send me message through the app submit feedback function) Lets be positive, constructive and lets talk aviation! Link to Patreon and my app’s below: EU Article 13, Killing Youtube: Patreon: […]

Boeing 737MAX, LionAir Update!! – MCAS?

Get the FREE Mentour Aviation app today! 📲IOS: 📲Android: There are a lot of Rumours and discussions going on regarding the recent crash of a Boeing 737MAX aircraft in the Java sea outside Indonesia. During the last week the FAA have published and […]


Hey guys I’ve accomplished one of my goals for 2018 and of course i brought you guys along with me… this is my personal experience with the Spartan race, hope you enjoy! Please Subscribe , Like, and Share! :: ABOUT ME :: Name: Alexia Age […]

What’s in my Crew Tote || NOV 2018

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Can Aircraft be attacked by Hackers?!

Start protecting yourself on the web at and save 75% Use code: “pilot” to get an extra month for FREE Can an aircraft be hacked? If so, what aircraft systems and areas are most likely to be targeted and how will pilots and airlines […]