Flight Attendants

10 Things Only Flight Attendants Would Understand

Becoming a flight attendant is something many have dreamed of. It might as well just be one of the toughest gigs to get with competition for these positions sometimes reaching unbelievable heights. So, what is there to know about being a flight attendant? Here are the ten most important things you should know:

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Jet Lag

Pilots’ and Flight Attendants’ TOP 5 Tips for Beating Jet Lag

There’s no way to turn this around: jet lag is tough, and all pilots and flight attendants have been through it. From insomnia, exhaustion, dizziness and so many other more symptoms, jet lag can really get a grasp on your wellbeing and comfort. Going through so many time zones on such short notice can be […]

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Solar Impulse 2

The Solar Impulse Plan: Was It Really Worth It?

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, 2015. The Solar Impulse 2, a plane attempting to fly around the world using only solar power, has begun its journey. The innovative plane, flown and financed by Swiss businessman and pilot Andre Borschberg and pilot Bertrand Piccard, is now more than one year into its quest to become the first solar-based […]

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Light Sport Aircraft

Big Excitement, Small Plane: Everything You Need to Know about Light-Sport Aircraft

Not too long ago, light-sport aircrafts (LSA) were viewed with suspicion, mainly because of the reputation they’ve gained in the 1970s. During that period, due to precarious designs and numerous accidents, light-sport aircrafts were considered dangerous, a toy for amateur pilots.

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Aviation Pioneers

Explorers and Daredevils: 7 of the Greatest Early Aviation Pioneers

One of the brightest and most daring personalities of all time, these seven early aviation pioneers have managed to do the unthinkable of their era. Needless to say, we have all daydreamed about their courage and unimaginable creativity that made them fly away into the unknown and grow some amazing wings. These are their inspiring […]

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Fighter Jet Pilots

10 Leadership Tips from Fighter Jet Pilots

Being a great leader is not something you simply have but rather something you have to work on constantly. Amazing leadership skills come with time, dedication and intention. There’s nothing as amazing as some great leadership tips. And if they’re coming from fighter pilots, then they have no chance but to rule all the way. […]

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Fighter Pilot

10 Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts: How to Stay Safe When Searching for Love on the Internet

Finding love is hard enough even when you have a regular 9-to-5 job. But, when your job requires you to fly halfway around the world every other day, it can get hard to meet someone. You miss a lot of holidays, and you probably work during the weekends. You don’t have the time or the […]

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