Fighter Jet Pilots

10 Leadership Tips from Fighter Jet Pilots

Being a great leader is not something you simply have but rather something you have to work on constantly. Amazing leadership skills come with time, dedication and intention.

There’s nothing as amazing as some great leadership tips. And if they’re coming from fighter pilots, then they have no chance but to rule all the way. Here’s the greatest list of ten leadership tips coming from fighter jet pilots for you to unleash the awesome leader within you:

Fighter Pilot

  1. Full Dedication

There’s no real cause you could be fighting for unless you dedicate yourself fully and invest your whole resources in it. That is one of the first lessons a fighter jet pilot could teach anyone, and it’s the number one tip to remember if you aim to inspire others – which is one of the most important traits a great leader ought to have. Going halfway will never be an answer, so you either give all you’ve got or you don’t.

  1. Be Totally Reliable

Whatever it is you are doing, total reliability is an absolute must if you want to achieve leadership mastery. If fighter pilots are not only handling incredibly difficult situations and advanced technical machinery, they are, above anything, dealing with a lot of responsibility. There’s no way they could avoid total reliability for their actions – and so should you as a leader.

  1. Be an Inspiration

People will always naturally follow those who inspire them. Aim at simply being the best version of yourself, in any given context. No matter what it is you are expecting from your team, remember always to be the first to portray that. When others feel you are setting an example instead of demanding them to behave a certain way, they will more easily find motivation and desire to stick around and get inspired by growing together.

  1. Cooperation

Great leaders know they have to rely on their team to get everything going right. There’s no hierarchy when it comes to a team, and everybody has to bring in the best they have and meet halfway. Remember, fighter jet pilots rely entirely on their navigators, operators, mechanics and even put their lives at risk trusting their team.

  1. Prove Yourself

Being a leader doesn’t mean your skills and knowledge are taken for granted. You should always prove yourself in front of your team so that they understand greatness comes from a sense of always aiming at improvement.

  1. Never Stop Believing

If there’s anything a fighter jet pilot would tell you is that if you fall seven times, you get up eight times. There’s no point in beating yourself up for even the slightest of mistakes because there is no such thing as failure when you are committed to something. Remember: everybody has highs and lows, so it all comes down to keeping your motivation up even when times seem hard.

  1. Envision Success

That being said, you should always keep vivid, in the back of your mind, the image, and smell of success. Not only does it take to believe in it and to keep yourself together when fear starts creeping in, but to actively and consciously choose to picture your success and to make it your companion.

  1. Be organized

There’s no secret in this one, but it’s worth mentioning it again: being organized is the basis of a really good leadership. There’s no way you could ever inspire and motivate your team when you are constantly stressed and overwhelmed with chaotic and unplanned activities.

  1. Keep relationships strong

It’s hard to keep a high level of motivation and engagement in your work, if your relationship with your coworkers is difficult it’s up to seven times more difficult! Aiming at building strong relationships with your team, based on camaraderie and trust is one of the best moves a leader could take.

  1. Always keep learning

Learn from fighter jet pilots and keep this important tip in mind: great leadership is all about life-long learning. Not only do things always change, new technologies and knowledge arise and there’s always room for improvement, but this constant open attitude towards learning will make you feel approachable and, overall, more inspirational to any of those team members. Plus, passing on your knowledge and skills to them will always feel more organic.

You don’t have to go through the tough training of fighter pilots to become a great leader for you team. But, if you follow these rules, you will not only become a better pilot, but you will also set a great example to your crew members.