Flight Attendants

10 Things Only Flight Attendants Would Understand

Becoming a flight attendant is something many have dreamed of. It might as well just be one of the toughest gigs to get with competition for these positions sometimes reaching unbelievable heights.

So, what is there to know about being a flight attendant? Here are the ten most important things you should know:

  1. You Have to be Flexible

This probably comes as no surprise, but many don’t truly imagine the extent to which they ought to be flexible as a flight attendant. With many flights taking up to even 15 hours, you will find yourself flying for about 65 to 90 hours per month and most probably spending many weekends and holidays at work.

  1. Passenger Safety Comes First

Nothing will be of more importance than this. No matter the case, you will have to be willing to put yourself second and tend to situations where passenger’s safety and comfort are put to the test. Knowing how to handle diverse scenarios and reacting fast is of great use for flight attendants.

  1. There Are Certain Health Levels and Height Requirements Needed

As unfair as it might sound sometimes, there’s certain criteria’s that are needed to be fulfilled to be selected as a flight attendant. First of all, height is important because of very simple, technical reason: you need to reach the overhead compartments comfortably, without really hitting your head on the ceiling. Plus, your mental and physical health are essential to have to be able to deal with pretty difficult work conditions.

  1. You Will Face a Lot of Exhaustion

Travelling this much in such demanding work conditions and going through so many time zones can get a grasp of your wellbeing. Having a strong, healthy body that can readily adjust to these many changes and stressful conditions is a must have. But even so, you will find yourself feeling exhausted many times. As a result, sleep will become one of your best friends.

  1. You Get Paid for “Flight Hours ”

Many don’t know this aspect, but you only get paid for the hours you spend flying, regardless of how many hours you need to spend on the ground with getting ready, going through flight delays or cancellations.

  1. Good Manners Are Always Required

Not everybody onboard will return your smile and kindness back to you, and there are many people who not only go through a lot of exhaustion due to jet lag but who are not in a very good mood. You will need to be respectful always and with a keen eye to understanding people’s diverse behavior.

  1. You Have to Love What You Do

Loving your job is a must when you’re a flight attendant – otherwise, you will find yourself easily annoyed and exhausted by it. Since you will be working with and for your passengers’ needs, you have to have the love for people in you. And don’t forget the sense and love of adventure – you will need it!

  1. You Have to Be in Perfect Command of the Airline Procedures

Airline procedures should become your second language. Anything that might occur will have to be analyzed and proceeded upon according to the airline procedures, so knowing it to the perfection is an absolute requirement. Learning to deal with such high responsibility will, therefore, be crucial.

  1. Drinking Alcohol Is Something that Requires Mindfulness

Many don’t know that flight attendants are not allowed to consume alcohol 12 hours before a flight – which automatically means that you have to build a system of total mindfulness for every zip of alcohol you crave. As fun and adventurous as aircrew sounds – and it really is, there’s an equal amount of compromise and constrictions that come into the equation.

  1. Your Job Will Affect Most Areas of Your Personal Life

This one is a given, and it is something you have to accept head on from the very first moment onboard. Being a flight attendant will affect your personal life to such extents that you will have to put conscious effort into making sure you keep a balanced life, especially when it comes to your personal relationships. It’s all about patience, mindfulness, and intention.

Being a flight attendant is not without challenges. But, in spite of all the ups and down, this might just be one of the best jobs in the world, don’t you think?