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Flight Attendants

10 Things Only Flight Attendants Would Understand

Becoming a flight attendant is something many have dreamed of. It might as well just be one of the toughest gigs to get with competition for these positions sometimes reaching unbelievable heights. So, what is there to know about being a flight attendant? Here are the ten most important things you should know:

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Fighter Jet Pilots

10 Leadership Tips from Fighter Jet Pilots

Being a great leader is not something you simply have but rather something you have to work on constantly. Amazing leadership skills come with time, dedication and intention. There’s nothing as amazing as some great leadership tips. And if they’re coming from fighter pilots, then they have no chance but to rule all the way. […]

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Aviation dating

Does Aviation Ruin Your Love Life? 5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Relationship on a Crazy Schedule

There’s a terrible condition that affects aviation workers known as AIDS. No, I’m not talking about the dreadful disease. AIDS stand for Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome, and it’s a condition that from which a lot of pilots and flight attendants seem to suffer. It’s not a real syndrome, of course, but there is a lot […]

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Airline Industry Training – Get that Pay Rise. Secure that Promotion.

It’s important to learn new skills in any career and airline industry training is particularly important if you want to stay ahead of the competition.  It’s not just something that you have to do in your first few weeks on the job.  You need more training as time goes on in order to keep up […]

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The Aviation Industry’s Highest Paid Jobs

One of the fields where lucrative jobs and rewarding incomes can be found is the aviation industry. The industry is broad and has seats not only for the pilot, but for others who might have the necessary skills, competencies and qualifications as well. Here are some of the highest paid jobs in the aviation industry. […]

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Ups and Downs. How hard is it to understand yourself?

When asked “how are you?” I often joke,“up and down”. Most get the inference to helicopter flying! I got to thinking – just how hard it is to understand the highs and lows in life. Yesterday was a particularly low-low for me, for I had dreamed my aviation history book would win a National History […]

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Aviation Jobs. Does an Aviation Degree help?

A frequently asked question but personally I got my Bachelor of Aviation degree at age 70, long past the employable years for most people. It didn’t seem to help get my part-time nanny job nor the Civil Marriage Celebrant one (just joking). Seriously though, the uni graduates from whom I receive feedback seem to doubt […]

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