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Jet Lag

Pilots’ and Flight Attendants’ TOP 5 Tips for Beating Jet Lag

There’s no way to turn this around: jet lag is tough, and all pilots and flight attendants have been through it. From insomnia, exhaustion, dizziness and so many other more symptoms, jet lag can really get a grasp on your wellbeing and comfort. Going through so many time zones on such short notice can be […]

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Fighter Jet Pilots

10 Leadership Tips from Fighter Jet Pilots

Being a great leader is not something you simply have but rather something you have to work on constantly. Amazing leadership skills come with time, dedication and intention. There’s nothing as amazing as some great leadership tips. And if they’re coming from fighter pilots, then they have no chance but to rule all the way. […]

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Flying in Barbados

The Caribbean is known for its sailing, but for the aviator flying in Barbados and the surrounding islands has lots to offer.  As a holiday spot Barbados has just about all one could ask for and a few years ago I logged half an hour or so in the resident C172 at the Barbados Light […]

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Skyuber is a service that is likely to attract a lot of interest from GA pilots and would-be passengers.  The services brings the two together to share costs and enjoy flying.  It has already found thousands of fans in Europe. The process is quite straightforward; pilots register with the service and share their flight plans.  […]

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