Skyuber for Pilots and Passengers

Your seat on a Skyuber flight?

Skyuber is a service that is likely to attract a lot of interest from GA pilots and would-be passengers.  The services brings the two together to share costs and enjoy flying.  It has already found thousands of fans in Europe.

The process is quite straightforward; pilots register with the service and share their flight plans.  Those flights plans then become available to any passengers who are also registered.  If the passenger spots a journey they want to make and if the departure airfield and expected time of departure are suitable then they can register an interest.  Communication between passenger and pilot can be by phone, email, or text message.

  • Pilots who register are subject to validation by Skyuber
  • Costs are calculated according to the laws of the country of departure
  • Costs are confirmed before the flight takes place
  • There are no additional fees once the cost is agreed
  • Passengers make a deposit with Skyuber and costs are deducted from that deposit
  • Pilots can cancel any flight if they wish
  • Pilots can refuse to carry a passenger
  • Obviously, all flights are weather dependent and the Pilot’s decisions are final
Skyüber could be big

GA needs innovative ideas

The aircraft are usually two or four seater GA or LSA aeroplanes.  The pilot’s contact details are shared with the passenger on the app as soon as the flight is booked so you can make contact and arrange to meet.

There are no cancellation fees and you can’t compensate (i.e. pay!) the pilot in any way as that would be a commercial transation and therefore it would be illegal.  This is simply a cost sharing arrangement with Skyuber acting as the administrative hub.

I’m no legal expert and I expect many people will have a view on this idea so please post your comments below. but it seems like a great idea if it encourages more people to fly, shares costs, and broadens the GA community by bringing pilots and passengers together.  It could inspire more people to learn to fly.