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Cabin Crew Dating

If you work as a member of the Cabin Crew for an airline you won't need to be reminded that you need to be an outgoing person who can work under pressure and put up with anti social shifts.

So the chances are that you work hard and while you may or may not want to play hard too, you will probably look for a fair amount of understanding within your partner, particularly if he or she doesn't also work airside and isn't therefore familiar with your job's demands on your time and energy.

One of the advantages of Love Air is that you can log in and check up on things wherever your stop-over may be. You can catch up on your latest messages, chat to those online, update your dating diary, and browse through the new faces of new members. You could even re-record your video profile and impress your online friend by using your latest exotic location as the backdrop

Tell all your friends and colleagues about Love Air. Suggest it to them and perhaps you'll find the person you've been looking for working for another airline. All it takes is for you to spot a familiar face while browsing through profiles, a quick ice breaker and you're on your way.

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Reach for the Skies

Which you would prefer to be - the one waiting for your beloved at home or the hotel, or the one arriving at 3am looking forward to a warm welcome, a hug, and something to revive body, mind, and soul? Rest and relaxation may be all that's needed.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder then dating a Flight Attendant is going to create a strong relationship. If parting is such bitter sweet sorrow then there's all the more reason for the heart to flutter at the prospect of the reunion in a few days' time when he or she returns from a quick turn around at a capital city on another continent with stories to tell from the latest trip.

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"This dating service for aviation types is the best idea I've heard of"
~ Rosemary Arnold, Australia's first woman helicopter pilot and author of Females Above Australia