Blocked Ears *Updated

One of my most popular video is a video about blocked ears. In this video I go over the “official airline” pdf I’ve found and how that compares to what the doctors have told me. I am not a medical professional and am not prescribing […]


AWAY TRAVEL PROMO CODE – $20 OFF (a suitcase) PROMO CODE: fly20 *AWAY travel has sponsored a portion of this vlog. Guys! I applied to be on the #SephoraSquad 🤗 for 2019 and I would be forever grateful if you could write me a […]

Crew Scheduling Creates My Schedule | Reaction

First 5 min are me explaining how I messed up my bids (learn from my mistakes kids!) then I react to what crew scheduling made up for me! Videos On Scheduling: Creating My Schedule: Follow Me: Instagram: Megan-Kelly-177301663141875/ Twitter: Pinterest:

Casino Flying | The Flight Attendant Life

Hey guys!!! Welcome to a new vlog!!!! On this journey we are heading to Gulfport to do a little casino flying!!!!! Enjoy!!! Day in the life of a flight attendant series: Day one: Day two: Day three: Day four: ❤️connect with […]