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”Do you ever get enough of flying?” Consider this video as my answer to that question! I just LOVE being in the air, in any type of airplane, especially in formation with other aircraft! Thankfully my boyfriend is an awesome pilot and shows me what these little TB-9 airplanes are capable of! Besides the views and the formation flying, we did an awesome low pass over the runway! I hope you like the video!!

Do you ever get enough of flying?

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For the ones that don’t know me yet, I am an airline pilot, I live in Italy and I fly around Europe! I have an Instagram account @pilot_lindy where I upload all my adventures and since one year I upload VLOGs on Youtube to share my life with you! It would be my pleasure to show you around the places I visit!

If you like to know more about being a pilot or about my travels, visit my brand new website http://www.pilotlindy.com, where I share all information about how I became a pilot and all of my travel adventures!

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