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Flight Attendants, Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew are the lifeblood of any airline. They are the faces and uniforms that people come to associate with the brand. They share a large responsibilty both to their employers as well as to their passengers and consequently it's a very demanding role.

There are many skills you'll need to develop if you want to enjoy a successful career as a Flight Attendant. In no particular order of importance the list will include; stamina, the ability to work under pressure, the ability to deal with members of the public of all ages, nationalities and cultures, patience, an outgoing nature, a mature attitude to duties and responsiblities, the ability to deal with tense situations, and so on.

Like any other industry civil aviation experiences peaks and troughs, so if you're having no luck in finding a job with an airline then don't give up hope. Existing Flight Attendants get promoted or move on to other things leaving vacancies for the new hopefuls even in difficult economic times, while in the boom years there are recruitment drives for expanding airlines who will be adding new routes and aircraft to their fleets.

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Air Hostess, Airline Stewardess

Air Hostesses, Air Stewards and Stewardesses, Trolley Dollies, Cabin Crew, Flight Attendants - the names might change but the essential role is still the same as it was when civil aviation really began to attract customers in large numbers during the 1920s and 1930s.

Many speak of the glamour of the past and point to the sometimes overcrowded and uncomfortable nature of today's air travel, but the situation changes as new aircraft come into service. Passengers and airlines depend upon each other and airline bosses know that must adapt and give their passengers a pleasant trip if they want to see them again.

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