To be able to produce the Manchester Airport series there was a lot of effort which went in behind the scenes and I am extremely thankful for the help from the team. For us to capture all the footage needed for the series we had to fly a full visual circuit from stand 65 in the Cirrus SR20 which gave the opportunity for the camera crew to position themselves around the airfield and capture the footage of the Cirrus.

– Thank You To The Team – Philippe Polman, Wayne Holmes, David Woodward and James Oates

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Enjoy some GoPro Flying.

3 x GoPro Hero 3 + Black Edition
2 x GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition
1 x GoPro Hero 6
1 x GoPro Hero 7
2 x Canon 6D Mkii w/ 24-105 F4 L lens & a lot more lenses
1 x Sony AX412 Digital Voice Recorder

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