My friend from work who I am flying with this month just started a crashpad in MSP, if you are looking for a crashpad in MSP message me on IG for more details!
What is a crashpad you ask?? It’s a place where flight attendants or pilots stay when they are at base instead of a hotel for a cheaper price… I do not stay at a crashpad, because I would only need it once or twice a doesn’t pay someone like me to get a crashpad… now if I was a reserve flight attendant, I would for sure pay the money for a crashpad at base!!!

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🧡Frequently asked questions🧡

Where are you based?

How long have you been a flight attendant?
*6 years

How old are you
*28 years old

Who do you work for?
*due to privacy reasons I can not actually say who I work for

How much do you get paid?
* Each airline is different, and glassdoor is a great resource to look up how much Flight Attendants make at each airline.

I want to become a Flight Attendant, where do I start?
* You have to do your research, google to see what airlines are hiring and what airline would fit into your lifestyle.

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