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Diamond Objects on the A646

Alan Godfry, British Police Officer (ret.). For more information, visit Subscribe at Officer Alan Godfry is a retired police officer who served in the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police in England from 1975 to 1984. On November 28th 1980, he and five other officers […]

UFO At The Chinese Embassy

Gordon Creighton, Former British Foreign Service Officer. For more information, visit Subscribe at Mr. Creighton spent many years in the British Foreign Service. He spent 10 years in China and in 1941 he saw a UFO while at the Embassy. In broad daylight […]

Secrets of Project Red Light

A. H., Boeing Aerospace. For more information, visit Subscribe at A.H. is a person who has gained significant information from inside the UFO extraterrestrial groups within our government, military and civilian companies. He has friends at the NSA, CIA, NASA, JPL, ONI, NRO, […]

Microlight engine failure at 300ft

This is the incredible moment a cockpit camera captures the terrifying moment a micro-light’s engine cuts out in mid-air, forcing the pilot to make an emergency crash landing. Aviator John Merriman, 53, was making a solo flight in his two-seater microlight aircraft above the Somerset […]

Curiosity and MAVEN Explore Mars

This animation first shows Curiosity working to understand Mars as a past habitat, with a cut to MAVEN arriving at Mars to study the upper Martian atmosphere. Curiosity will not be able to “see” MAVEN on its arrival. Later in the mission, Curiosity may be […]