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Best Carry-On Luggage | Flight Attendant Life | VLOG 8 Promotional Code to get $20 OFF: stella20 Luggage used – “The Carry-On” Color: SAND VLOG 8 – Guys Away is a new luggage company selling luggage primarily online and reaching out to frequent travelers like me to test out their amazing products. I honestly […]

Rover Ride-Along in the Mars Yard (360 Video)

Get a robot’s-eye-view of the “Mars Yard,” a terrain simulation area at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where rover hardware and software is tested before being sent to the Red Planet. Ride alongside, atop and below the Scarecrow test mobility double for the Curiosity and Mars […]

VLOG 40: 5- Day trip is over!! 16.01.17

Hello, fam!!! How are you doing today?? I hope you discovered my channel by chance, and you are really surprised now how the life of a flight attendant is :)))) I was rostered a 5-day trip, and here are my adventures of meeting a ‘8-year-old-no-see’ […]