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Love Air Pilot Dating

An attraction to aviation can last a lifetime. Sharing the compulsion for cockpits, chord lines and cantilevered wings with another similarly infatuated individual can make that spell so much more enjoyable and each year there's so much more to anticipate.

Couples who fly together can look forward to and endless series of shared experiences that vary with every season, destination, and aircraft flown. There are touring trips around your home country, fly-ins to visit, and aviation exhibitions to attend - and the two of you will arrive by air as every aviator should.

On the other hand perhaps you adore your pilot, but don't feel the need to sit alongside on every flight. That works well too. There are many partners of pilots who, by declining the invitation to get airborne with their beloved, keep them both grounded. Being the ground crew to your fighter ace means you depend on each other.

Don't spend your whole life lost in clouds or freezing at icy altitudes. Join Love Air and bask in the warmth of sunny skies.

  • If you have an eye for a man or woman in an airline uniform step right this way and take your seat and get strapped in.

  • If your love life needs more lift & thrust and less weight & drag then let Love Air help your navigate to clearer skies.

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Love is in the Air

Pilots can be an predictable bunch. Some will never miss an opportunity to tell you that they fly. You know the old joke; Q: How do you spot a pilot at a party? A: You won't need to. He'll tell you soon enough.

Other pilots are as modest as the day is long. See that grey haired lady sipping tea next to you at the flying club? She's flown solo round the world in a single engined aircraft just like the one you flew your last lesson in. And the old chap over there by the bar? He's logged 5,000 hours flying everything from Spitfires to 747s and he'll be there as long as he can, adding more entries to his log book.

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"This dating service for aviation types is the best idea I've heard of"
~ Rosemary Arnold, Australia's first woman helicopter pilot and author of Females Above Australia