Upon many requests: Here’s my morning routine!👩🏼‍✈️ With some help of Alexa I start my day happy, fully prepared and well informed about my roster of the day and the weather in destinations! â˜€ï¸ğŸ˜Ž Thanks @rosterbuster for this cool gift!

Rosterbuster is a great app for pilots and cabin crew. You can see all your statistics, such as longest flights, shortest flights, amount of block hours and duty time, but you can also see where your friends are flying to and may coordinate a meet up with them in one of the destinations where you layover! Or well, in my case, a possible quick meet-up at the airport, because I usually don’t stay that long at destination!

Rosterbuster has now the Rosterbot which works with Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa) and also with Facebook messenger. You can ask when is your next duty, but also your family can use the Rosterbot to find out where you are flying to!

If you share your Rosterbuster statistics on your social media, don’t forget to tag @Rosterbuster, every month they give away the Echo Dots to a lucky follower, so you can try Alexa yourself!

Why not try it?
Download the Rosterbuster app here for free!

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For the ones that don’t know me yet, I am an airline pilot, I live in Italy and I fly around Europe! I have an Instagram account @pilot_lindy where I upload all my adventures and since one year I upload VLOGs on Youtube to share my life with you! It would be my pleasure to show you around the places I visit!

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