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Hey, guys!! I’m on vacation in my native city Kemerovo! It’s a big city, almost 500.000 population 🙂 The city center is very beautiful, it feels Cosy and homy. Let’s see if the river freezes and how the ice fishing looks like from the side 🙂 Are you ready to feel it? More than that, I’ll show you my typical childhood like snow jumping and getting crazy ❤️

Enjoy it and ask me more requests in your comments! Mwah !

Всем привет! I’m Maria, Emirates Cabin Crew for more than 7 years.🛫🛬✨ Flying is my passion ✨ I work in First Class Cabin✨And I live in Dubai✨🌸

Я работаю стюардессой в Дубаи, снимаю Влоги и занимаюсь брендом украшений ZÓLDI !

What else I love to do except traveling? – I have my
Jewelry brand ZÓLDI (украшения можно посмотреть здесь):

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