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What speed restrictions does an Aircraft have and what happens if a Pilot flies beyond those speeds?
Can a Pilot get a speeding ticket?
These are some of the questions I will answer in this weeks episode. I will cover everything from Airspace restrictions to wingflutter so make sure you stay tuned and pay attention!

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A huge thank you to all the featured videos and channels in todays episode. Use the links below to watch the full awesome videos!

Jetline Marvel (B738 Landing gear operation)

Rexxxtube (Flap extension and retraction animation)

News 5 Cleveland (Umbrellas)

Clyde Veigas (A 380 Overspeed test)

Understanding Airplanes (Wing Flutter)

Simon Lesperance (Tacoma Bridge Flutter)

422 South (NATS London Airspace)

Movieplanespotting (Taxying Aircraft)

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