Who is Gyrocopter Girl?

For several years now the Gyrocopter Girl YouTube channel has entertained and intrigued its many fans with videos of a female pilot flying gyrocopters and helicopters over a variety of scenic landscapes.

The pilot is clearly very accomplished and loves to not only fly but also enjoys many other sports including scuba diving, snorkelling, kitesurfing, biking, and snowboarding.

The videos on her channel date back to 2014 and they include videos in which she can be seen:

  • Flying a Cavalon gyrocopter from Germany to the South of France
  • Kitesurfing in Curacao
  • Flying a Cessna 172 in Florida
  • Snorkelling in Aruba
  • Flying a Syton AH130 Turbine helicopter in Italy
  • Flying a Bristell RG 915 light aircraft in the Swiss Alps
  • Flying a Robinson r44 helicopter in Nevada
  • And most recently, in January 2020, flying  a Bristell RG 915 light aircraft from the South of France to Germany.

Although she has a popular account (with over 75,000 subscribers at the time of writing) the uploads are comparatively few for an account that’s been going for six years, but those videos she does upload are viewed many, many times.

A lot of her flying is in warm climates where she and her passengers can enjoy open cockpit flying at low level over coastlines and other spectacular scenery.

The combination of the warmth of the climate and her personal choices means that she doesn’t wear many clothes, and although she doesn’t place any importance or significance on this fact there is no doubt that it has contributed to her popularity.

In fact, there’s more discussion about her clothing or the lack of it than there is about her flying and choice of aircraft.

It’s amazing what effect the absence of a bra does to the minds of men.  Perhaps it’s just biology.