In this video I explain why I think flight shame is a sham and why it won’t save the planet if you fly less often.

I’m going to suggest that reducing the number of flights you make, whether for business or leisure, isn’t going to make any significant difference to the changing climate.

It may make you feel smug and self-righteous but that’s about it.

You can virtue-signal all you like while basking in the warm glow of approval as you collect endorsements on social media but you’ll be doing little to save the planet.

You may allow yourself to be persuaded by a patronising celebrity to take a staycation instead of flying to Bali for two weeks but don’t imagine they’ll be curtailing their flying any time soon.

Many of the Prophets of Doom are jetting around the world from one conference or summit to another, and then telling you that a flight to Ibiza is an environmental sin that cannot be offset by a payment to a carbon neutral scheme.

Triggered yet? Before you launch into your comment, hear me out.

Watch this video to the end as you may find that we do in fact agree on several important points.

Let me begin by saying; I’m not a climate scientist and the chances are you’re not either.

If I’ve guessed wrong then feel free to add a comment below with a link to your credentials so that everyone can see the verification.

Also, I’m biased in favour of aviation, as you can probably guess from the other videos in my channel.

I’ve made two other videos on the subject of aviation and CO2 emissions. You’ll find links to them at the end of this video.

When it comes to the climate, we rely on scientists to give us the facts but of course they’re only the facts as they know them so far.

Scientists don’t know what makes up 96% of the energy in the Universe and they can’t explain how Quantum Entanglement works.

And when it comes to climate science there are those who dispute the assumptions and predictions.

Consequently, they’re regarded as heretics by the majority, many of whom refuse to even enter into further discussion.

I’m not denying that the climate is changing but I do take a large pinch of salt when I’m told how much impact human activity is accelerating that change.

My instinct is that we’re not being told the whole truth and that those with vested interests may be placing undue influence on the debate to support their true agenda.

I also take issue with the fact that aviation comes in for so much criticism in comparison to things like commercial shipping and leisure cruising.

For example, what is the carbon footprint for the construction of one of those big 21st Century cruise liners?

And what is the carbon footprint per passenger for a two week cruise?

You may say two wrongs don’t make a right but I haven’t seen anyone campaigning for cruise shaming, or protestors gluing themselves to the anchor chains of liners berthed in Southampton Docks.

The idea of flight shaming originated in Sweden, where it is known as flygskam, and where people tend to take longer holidays (and therefore fewer of them).

It has been dubbed the ‘Greta Effect’ as people react to Greta Thurnberg’s pleas and warnings.

Sweden is also a country in which rail travel is much cheaper and more reliable than it is in the UK.

Continued in the video…

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