More power in the cockpit

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Today’s cockpits are filled with portable avionics: iPads, smartphones, tablets, GPS units, ADS-B receivers, and XM Weather receivers. And they all need power to do their jobs.

Now you can keep your devices fully charged with the Flight Gear Dual USB Quick Charger from Sporty’s. Two Quick Charge USB ports provide up to 6.0 amps (3.0 amps each), giving plenty of power to an iPad and a Sentry at the same time.

Plus, there’s no more searching for which port is 1 amp and which is 2 amps. The universal design works in 12-volt and 24-volt aircraft.

Besides charging your devices, an integrated LED screen displays the voltage of the power receptacle. When you plug a USB device into it, the screen changes to show the amount of amps your device is drawing. The USB ports and screen are mounted to a bracket. This bracket pivots up to 45° to provide a better viewing angle.

“This handy feature makes it easy to see in a glance how many amps your device is pulling,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman.

The LED screen will blink if low voltage is detected. That’s below 12 volts or between 18 to 24 volts. The smart power management circuit design of the Dual USB Quick Charger has over-current and over-charge protection to keep your devices safe while charging, Sporty’s officials add.

Price: $18.95.

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