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Plane hits two cars during forced landing

Probable cause: Fatigue failure of the No. 1 cylinder intake valve, which resulted in the loss of engine power.

Forced landing follows accumulation of carb ice before takeoff

Probable cause: The accumulation of carburetor ice before takeoff, which resulted in a partial loss of engine power on initial climb and a forced landing on unsuitable terrain.

Total loss of engine power leads to forced landing

Probable cause: The total loss of engine power for reasons that could not be determined based on the available evidence.

Missing plug leads to forced landing

Probable cause: A fuel leak from the carburetor float bowl due to a missing plug, which resulted in excessive fuel consumption and a total loss of engine power due to fuel exhaustion. Contributing to the accident was the pilot’s decision to depart on the accident flight leg after noting the airplane’s unexpectedly high fuel consumption during the previous leg.

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