Sibling rivalry? Not for these sisters

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As frequent passengers in their dad’s Cessna 421, the sisters caught the flying bug early and were determined to get their certificates. They began their flight training journey in 2016; however, circumstances put their flight dreams on hold for a few years. Opportunity came knocking once again during the COVID-19 pandemic when older sister Aushpreet, 20, returned home from college and decided to give flying another chance with her younger sister, Jauslien, 17.

The sisters completed their training in just two months, passing their checkrides on August 26 and 28 at Fresno Chandler Executive Airport in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

“I love flying! It helped me become a more well-rounded student. The experience of flying by myself is very liberating. I feel more independent, knowing that I have this skill. It’s a great feeling knowing we are now a part of the aviation community,” said Jauslien.

The sisters said they enjoyed every moment of training in their Piper Cherokee 140 and 180. “I really liked my plane because it didn’t have all of the newer high-tech functions, so I really was able to fly using my skills,” said Aushpreet.

There are now four pilots in the Brar family, with another on the way: The sisters’ younger brother is following in their footsteps and is excited to start his flight training next year.

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