WINGS: Pin it on the pilot

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When the first story in this series, “Our love-hate relationship with WINGS,” was posted on, it got a lot of comments, including this one from D. Bear:

“Okay, maybe I’m being petty here, but I dropped WINGS for two reasons. First of all, I was skeptical of giving the Feds access to my training records. No, nothing embarrassing here, but just simply it’s none of their business! I don’t like being monitored by the government while pursuing my hobby. Second reason, the petty one, is they stopped giving out WINGS pins! Those pins were a visual reminder of accomplishments to fellow pilots and non-pilots alike. I was proud of my collection and working to get higher and higher levels….. Then POOF they were gone. All that’s left is a computer record in Washington, D.C. Another example of government lack of insight.”

Another reader, David St. George, was quick to respond: “Those WINGS pins are still part of the program; donated by Avemco.”

He’s right. Avemco Insurance Company has been providing pins to WINGS participants since 2010, according to Marci Lyn Veronie, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing for the aviation insurance company.

Since then, Avemco has given away more than 22,000 pins to WINGS participants, she reports.

The pins are part of the company’s support for Avemco’s Safety Rewards program, which gives pilots insured by the company the chance to save up to 10% on their premiums.

Pilots can save 5% on their annual premiums by completing any FAA WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program Knowledge course, including WINGS-approved courses from training organizations such as King Schools, ASA, Gleim, Sporty’s Pilot Shop, Pilot Workshops and others.

They can save an additional 5% when they participate in Avemco-recognized flight training, according to company officials.

The whole idea is to help reduce the number and rising costs of general aviation accidents, according to Avemco officials.

“NTSB data indicates that despite improvements in technology and increased regulation, the number and causes of general aviation accidents has remained almost unchanged over

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