Mayo Clinic launches new podcast, plus help for pilots with concerns about their medicals

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The Mayo Clinic has launched a new podcast for pilots aimed at providing health information related to FAA medical certification.

The Mayo Clinic Clear Approach Podcast hosted by Dr. Greg Vanichkachorn features discussions on topics important to pilot health. The podcast also features experts on pilot health and FAA medical certification.

Additionally, pilots wanting personalized recommendations can use the Mayo Clinic Clear Approach to Medical Certification website to interact with the Mayo Clinic Aerospace Medicine team, officials said.

“Clear Approach” is an interactive web-based service designed for pilots to ask Aerospace Medicine experts questions about medical conditions and medications pertinent to certification issues. Pilots can upload medical records, images, files, and FAA correspondence for the Mayo Clinic team to quickly review and provide the pilot with recommendations, clinic officials explained.

“Mayo Clinic has more than 80 years of research and development in Aerospace Medicine, and providing medical care to pilots. The Clear Approach podcast and website brings that expertise to pilots no matter where they are and whenever they need help,” said Vanichkachorn, Senior Associate Consultant in Mayo Clinic’s Division of Preventive, Occupational and Aerospace Medicine.

“Our team of aviation medical examiners has experience with some of the most complicated medical cases ever presented to the FAA. We know that every pilot can’t come to Mayo Clinic, so we are bringing it to them through the podcast and website,” he continued. “And if a pilot needs to be seen or have testing done, we can fast-track appointments to get them the assessments they need at Mayo Clinic.”

The Mayo Clinic Clear Approach Podcast is produced monthly and podcast episodes can be found by searching for Mayo Clinic Clear Approach on popular podcast platforms or by going to

Mayo Clinic Clear Approach to Medical Certification can be accessed

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