Classic Aero-TV: The TBM 930 – Touchscreen Upgrades for the 900 Series

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Thu, Oct 01, 2020

Sun ‘n Fun 2016 could also be called Sun ’n Big Bucks 2016 when it comes to the corporate aviation aircraft on display. ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, stopped to talk with Socata about the new addition to their TBM 900 series of very fast single engine turboprop airplanes. 

Socata introduced their new TBM model 930 for the first time on the North American Continent at Sun ‘n Fun. Jim met up with Nicolas Chabbert, who is the CEO of Socata North America, and asked the question of what were the advances made with the new TBM 930.

Chabbert said the primary difference was in the cockpit interface with the cockpit crew. The TBM 930 is equipped with the new Garmin g3000 system which is an advancement over the Garmin g1000 offered as standard equipment on the TBM model 900. The discussion gets pretty detailed at this point so you’ll need to watch the video to get all the information. 

Something you’ll be really interested in is the feature they call e-copilot. The autopilot system is so smart, that it actually helps to manage the pilot’s workload, and it has automatic functions to deal with emergencies.

This video gives you a great view of how technology is interfacing directly with the pilot.

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