Garmin introduces all-in-one GPS smartwatch for pilots

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Garmin has introduced the D2 Air, its latest GPS pilot smartwatch with aviation capabilities and a new touchscreen design.

The newest addition in the D2 aviator watch series, the D2 Air offers tools for all phases of flight, including weather, direct-to navigation, airport information, flight logging, Pulse Ox1, and more.

To keep up with life on the go, the D2 Air incorporates connected features like smart notifications, music, health monitoring, and animated workouts, according to company officials.

The D2 Air includes several pre-flight features and tools, with the ability to display multiple time zones, including Zulu time, and METAR and TAF aviation weather reports and forecasts. Additionally, airport information such as runway orientation with wind components, runway lengths, airport frequencies and traffic pattern altitudes are accessible for each airport.

The watch is preloaded with a worldwide navigation database containing NAVAIDs and Intersections, a waypoint info page, direct-to navigation, a three-axis compass with a horizontal situation indicator (HSI), and an altimeter with adjustable barometric setting.

The D2 Air utilizes Garmin Pilot flight plan transfer, allowing for an easy way to access flight plan information by seamlessly transferring flight plans into the watch, according to Garmin officials.

Aviation alerts such as speed, time, distance, elevation, and a fuel timer are available on the D2 Air watch during flight.

After the flight, the D2 Air integrates with the logbook to sync post-flight data such as date, duration, and route of flight.

As a multifunctional smartwatch, the D2 Air offers a broad range of health and wellness features, including advanced sleep monitoring, respiration tracking, stress tracking, hydration tracking, the Body Battery energy monitor enabling pilots to track energy levels all day,

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