Diamond DA50-RG, Beech G36 Bonanza or Cirrus SR22T?

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With Diamond’s DA50-RG fresh on the scene with EASA certification, we take a look at the aircraft along with its nearest competitors: the Beech G36 Bonanza and Cirrus SR22T.

Ian Seager says in the latest edition of FLYER, “New certified piston aircraft are rare beasts, and for good reason. They cost a fortune to develop, more to certify and yet more to put into production.

“When the manufacturer finally crosses the finishing line – often with performance, weight and price numbers that vary from the early marketing dreams – it still has to climb the mountain that involves getting the aeroplane into the hands of paying owners.

“It’s no surprise that newcomers struggle when even the old hands have experienced failures, but both Cirrus and Diamond have a track record of new model success.”

Read the full story in the November issue of FLYER.

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