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Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings has introduced JetPen.

The new touch-up pen can be used on aircraft exteriors and interior cabins at any point during the application or maintenance process, according to Sherwin Williams officials.

“JetPen allows aircraft owners, operators, and service personnel to save time and money on most any aircraft with quick and easy touch-ups on chips, dings, and scratches,” company officials said.

Once activated, JetPen can be used in multiple places on an aircraft before it dries.

It is available in a variety of colors and meets the needs of small area corrosion control and critical rework on general aviation, business jets, commercial airline, and military aircraft, according to company officials.

JetPen features a spring-loaded valve to provide material flow control and the applicator can hold up to 10cc. It comes with a chisel and brush attachment. Within the paint pen, the hardener is separated by a capsule, which ensures the shelf life and integrity of the product, company officials said, adding the JetPen has a one-year shelf life for topcoat colors.

Its fast-drying characteristics streamline the process even further, company officials said.

“If a mechanic must go out and apply a quick repair, it can be touched up before the aircraft even takes off,” they said.

“Customers will love the simplicity of the product: Just break it, shake it, and then repaint it,” says Julie Voisin, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Global Marketing Manager. “No special equipment or training is required for application — the JetPen controls the amount of coating applied to the aircraft surface.”

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