New floats for experimentals introduced

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PK Floats has introduced of a new float, the PK 2050A, for the experimental aircraft market.

The development of the PK 2050A was a joint venture between Maine pilot and potato grower Jim Crane of Exeter and the PK team, led by engineer Levi Guimond. In development over the past year, the new float “combines a proven hull design with modern landing gear specifically tailored for the weight class of these aircraft,” according to company officials.

“We have been working on this float especially designed for the experimental market since September of 2019,” said PK Floats President Patrick McGowan. “Our talented and hard-working folks put this together right through the COVID outbreak and made our deadline in the face of shutting the factory down for a month. This float is the first of its kind in the world and we have seen tremendous performance and handling results from the first test flight.”

According to Crane, the new float “has exceeded all expectations of an amphibious aircraft float, adding he is “getting 4 to 5 second takeoff runs on the water with his CubCrafter’s Carbon Cub and has lost a minimum of airspeed in flight.”

“I usually cruise around 105 mph on wheels and this airplane with the floats is still maintaining 100 mph. This is unheard of in a wheels to floats aircraft transformation,” he said. “It has more than enough floatation and handles rough water extremely well. This float and airplane configuration is perfect!”

The new float

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