Fly Like A Girl

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A new documentary, “Fly Like A Girl,” has been released in theaters and on several streaming platforms.

The new documentary features interviews with United States Senator Tammy Duckworth, veteran NASA astronaut Nicole Scott, American aviator, aspiring astronaut and American advocate for STEAM education Abigail Harrison, U.S. national aerobatic champion Patty Wagstaff, and STEAM activist Taylor Richardson.

The film has already received acclaim at film festivals, winning multiple awards across the country, according to officials.

“Fly Like A Girl is more than just a film,” the producers say in a prepared release. “It’s a movement of young girls and women relentlessly pursuing their passion for aviation, a field currently dominated by men. Hear first-hand stories from girls and women who dared to aim higher. From a lego-loving young girl who includes female pilots in her toy airplanes, to a courageous woman who helped lead shuttle missions to space, Fly Like A Girl shows us that women are in charge of their own destiny.”

Senator Tammy Duckworth is a Purple Heart recipient who was among the first Army women to fly combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“I love the way this movie soars. Inspiring stories of women everywhere demolishing glass ceilings in aerospace and STEM programs are fully realized through crisp visuals and clear vision from director Katie Wiatt. We are excited to be partnering with such a sharp team and know audiences will be inspired by their work,” said Gravitas Ventures Senior Acquisitions Manager Nick Royak. 

“If you ask someone to name as many female aviators as they can think of, most would only be able to say Amelia Earhart. There are so many women beyond Amelia, both modern and historical, that have played an important role in the aviation and STEM world. Fly Like a Girl brings some of these women’s stories to light,” said director Katie McEntire Wiatt.

The documentary is available on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, the iTunes store, Fandango Now, and elsewhere.

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