A classy grassy aerodrome

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During our summer in Maine to escape the oppressive heat of Florida, my wife Joan and I spent our days checking out small flying services and backcountry grass airstrips.

And we found one “classy grassy aerodrome” one day in August called Griffin Field.

We entered the address into the car’s GPS and headed out. It turned out to be a very circuitous country route through some very rural areas made up of corn fields and dairy farms. Suddenly we found ourselves on Griffin Road and spotted a sign on a tree stating, “Airplanes for Sale.” We looked out the window to the right and there it was.

Griffin Field Airport (PG1) is a turf airfield in Levant, Maine. This little town is in Penobscot County, about eight miles southwest of Bangor International Airport (KBGR).

Paul Griffin, owner of this beautiful 1946 Aeronca Champ and the Griffin Field Airport.

Paul Griffin, the airport owner, and his wife Mary live in a big old rambling farmhouse on Griffin Road, down hill from one end of a runway. His original weathered hangar with an old sign signifying “GRIFFIN FIELD” sits across the parking lot beside his house. It is filled with heavy equipment he uses to keep his airfield well groomed.

Paul’s Piper PA-28.

He has two more modern well-organized hangars

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