Light Aircraft Design Conference 2020 – Electrifying General Aviation

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Name of event
Light Aircraft Design Conference, RAeS Date
16 November 2020 PPR Required?

Light Aircraft Design Conference run by the Royal Aeronautical Society every year in November. This year, it’s online. The subject is Electrifying GA.

“The GA sector is well-positioned to demonstrate new technologies because of the lower cost of innovation in smaller aircraft and in particular, the sector can help combat climate change by electrifying propulsion systems,” says the RAeS.

“This year we will have talks on two topics from last year: Richard Glassock’s installation of electric power to a Cassutt racer and the RR ACCEL speed record project. In further talks, German AkaFliegs have shown the way to high tech aircraft development and the RAeS is reviewing how such an approach can be adopted in the UK.”

There’s a £15 discount on the ticket price for FLYER Club members.

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