South Koreans order 300 Bye electric aircraft

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US company Bye Aerospace, which is developing a family of electric power two and four-seat aircraft, just announced an order for 300 aircraft bringing its order book to a total of 711 units.

The Colorado company also revealed it is developing a twin motor aircraft, the Envoy, but has not released any detail yet.

The latest deal is with Aerospace9, based in Seoul, South Korea, which is also investing in Bye Aerospace.

“We are extremely honoured to share with Aerospace9 in this extraordinary announcement,” said George E. Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, Inc.

“Bye Aerospace is on a rigorous path to achieve FAA certification on our eFlyer 2 airplane, and once that approval is obtained, to begin production on our expanding backlog of orders.”

Bump elbows guys, don’t shake hands! Chairman Cha of Aerospace9, left, with George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace

The 711-strong order book for Bye’s electric aircraft comprises two-seat eFlyer 2 primary trainers, four-seat eFlyer 4s and the twin-motor nine-seat Envoy.

Aerospace9’s purchase deposits include 150 eFlyer 2s, 148 eFlyer 4s and 2 Envoys with an option to acquire an additional 100 aircraft.

“This investment is not just a purchase contract, it is a very meaningful contract that creates an amazing opportunity for Asia,” said Chairman Seunghyuk Cha of Aerospace 9.

Bye Aerospace claims the electric aircraft will have five-times lower operating costs, no CO2 emissions, and decreased noise.

Bye Aerospace

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