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Sat, Nov 07, 2020

Company Refuses To Allow Products To Be Used Outside Its ‘Ethical Policy’

Here’s an announcement you don’t see very often… an aviation company refusing to let its products be misused for harmful purposes.

In a letter reportedly sent to the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) as well as other outlets (including Facebook), Beringer AERO disclosed that suspended all deliveries for Turkish drones.

Media reports earlier this week revealed that Beringer “Sealed Fuel Reservoirs” were being utilized in Turkish Bayraktar drones. The fact sheet, claiming this, was aggressively distributed among government agencies and political organizations involved in policy recommendations. Beringer, a French company with an operation in Tallard, France, also has a US operation in Greenville, SC

Beringer’s official statement said, “Beringer AERO suspends all deliveries to Turkish UAV manufacturers after having found out about its products mounted on drones equipped with weapons and deployed over the Nagorno- Karabakh region to fight against the Armenian forces.

The company wants to stay in line with its ethical policy and has never allowed the use of its products on vehicles that could threaten human life…

Beringer products are designed and manufactured in France for General Aviation and civilian purposes. They are sold worldwide through different channels and are standard off the shelves for all vehicles, including UAVs.

Therefore the European Union Control List of Dual Use Items does not list the these products as dual use items.”

More info, when available…


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