NAV CANADA Adds ATC Service In Red Deer, Alberta CA

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Sat, Nov 07, 2020

‘Airport Control Service’ Will Be Provided 16 Hours Per Day

Since air traffic at Red Deer Regional (CYQF) airport was steadily rising prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, NAV CANADA has adjusted its service to meet the growing demand and provide optimal service.

As a result, effective November 5, 2020 airport control service will be provided 16 hours per day from 0600h to 2200h as follows:

Airport control services will be offered for 16 hours a day, Class D Control Zone, 5 NM to 6000 ASL, from 06:00h to 22:00h. Airport advisory services will be offered for the remaining 8 hours from 22:00h to 06:00h. Weather observation services will continue to be offered 24 hours a day.

Pilots should be prepared for the type of service being offered when they are arriving and departing at Red Deer CYQF, as well as understanding their responsibilities. If a pilot is arriving or departing when airport control services are offered, he or she must follow the directions of the air traffic controllers, and all related procedures.

When airport advisory services are offered, including Vehicle Control Service, pilots must use the information provided by the flight service specialists to make safe and responsible decisions as they arrive and depart the airport.


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