CAA doctor ‘monitors’ pilots during lockdown

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The UK CAA’s Head of Medical Policy, Dr Stuart Mitchell, has said that pilots applying for a Class 2 or LAPL medical examination during November’s lockdown may be breaching Government regulations.

What’s more, Dr Mitchell admits that the CAA is monitoring the activity of AeroMedical Examiners (AMEs) on a weekly basis to identify such cases.

In a letter to AMEs, Dr Mitchell says, “Class 2 and LAPL leisure/sport pilots cannot decide that it is up to them whether to have a Class 2 or LAPL medical… Our advice to you as AMEs is that such pilots should not be attending medicals at this time.”

Dr Mitchell goes on to point out that there are a small number of exceptions in the Department for Transport’s guidance on GA activities such as urgent flight/engine tests.

“We would not want any AMEs being accused of colluding with anyone seeking to breach the regulations.”

This is despite other medical examinations such as eye tests and dental checks being allowed to go ahead. The Government’s Coronavirus advice also states that “You can leave home for any medical reason.”

FLYER has asked the CAA for a comment.

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