The wind will blow

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For a general aviation pilot, one of the great advantages to living in Florida is the famously fabulous weather.

But postcards and beachfront car commercials don’t tell the whole story.

In truth, our weather is complex. While the sun shines and the winds are mild much of the time, powerful thunderstorms are often lurking in the distance. Sometimes, that distance is less than a smart pilot would be comfortable with.

Of course, that is true of most weather systems in most parts of the world.

When I flew in the Northeast, one of my biggest concerns during the winter months was icing. Not so much icing of the runways or the windshield of my car. No, my worry was rooted in the very real possibility of picking up ice on the airframe. Ice I had no tools to prevent. Ice I could not shake loose once it formed.

Ice worries me. Not so much here in Florida where it rarely exists in nature. But when I head north, I check temperatures, precipitation, and cloud cover with an eye set to spot a whole different set of issues than might present themselves here in my home state. 

A friend I often work with recently earned his private pilot certificate. As with anyone who achieves that goal, he is justifiably proud of his success. Thankfully, also like many who tuck that little piece of plastic into their wallet, he is very much aware that his experience level is low. And lack of experience can be…problematic at times.

Confidence is key. That’s true in all of life’s endeavors. Whether you’re rolling over your 401K into an IRA after retirement or replacing the worn-out water pump in your daily driver, it’s important to have the confidence to know that you can do

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