Levil Aviation Intro's New Digital Instrument App

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New APP Offers A Portable, Customizable, Digital Instrument Panel

Levil Aviation has released a new App, NOW available on the app store.

The new App is a customizable digital instrument panel that seeks to bridge what the company sees as the gap between emerging wireless avionics and limited compatibility with Advanced Navigation Apps.

The new iOS-based App is designed to display information from wireless devices such as the iLevil3 series, the B.O.M, or other GDL90 devices, simultaneously, while using navigation tools such as Foreflight, iFlyGPS, WingX Pro, and many more side by side. They see it as something of an “App for all” so that no matter what part of the world you fly in, or what your preferred navigation app is, the App should have you covered.

“We ran into a hardware-software compatibility road-block,” explains Ananda Leon, Product and Software Developer at Levil Aviation. “As we developed more features into our wireless avionics, in combination with other emerging technology, Navigation App developers have been playing catch-up for the past years, preventing pilots from using all the features of their avionics.”

Levil Aviation’s App uses plug-in based modules. Each module or window is configured to display a certain instrument or feature, and the pilot has the power to select which modules will be displayed at any given time. Modules can range from primary flight display to auto-pilot control, to an interface for a new gadget from third party companies.

“By opening the doors to new emerging technology from other manufacturers, we will be able to amplify the capabilities of your wireless glass cockpit exponentially,” says Ananda Leon. “The third-party plug-ins we have been working on will bring safety in aviation to a whole new level.”

The Levil Aviation App utilizes iOS multi-tasking features to work side-by-side, full screen, or slide-over, where modules can be shown on top of your navigation app of choice. The current version includes interfaces for traffic avoidance, engine monitoring, EFIS, angle of attack monitoring, automatic flight upload to Wyvern, or FliteScore’s cloud-based flight analysis software, AeroPath’s radio control interface, the beta interface for Levil’s patent-pending wireless autopilot, and much more.

FMI: www.leviltechnology.com, www.levilaviation.com

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