VA benefits approved for Duncan Aviation apprenticeship programs

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LINCOLN, Nebraska — Thanks to the inquisitive, action-oriented nature of Duncan Aviation Airframe Mechanic II Brody Wullschleger, the Duncan Aviation Airframe and Powerplant Apprenticeship programs have received approval from the Veterans Administration for the use of VA benefits for living expenses and tools while participating in either of Duncan Aviation’s Apprenticeship programs.

Although the programs hadn’t yet received US Department of Labor certification at the time Wullschleger went through orientation at Duncan Aviation’s Lincoln, Nebraska, location in August 2018, he realized other veterans would eventually be able to take advantage of their VA Benefits while participating in some of the training.  

Brody Wullschleger

Wullschleger, who had served as an MP in the US Army, had no aviation experience when he started at Duncan Aviation as a Tech Helper a little more than two years ago. While working full time, Wullschleger began studying and attending classes for his Airframe certification.   

“I had been talking to a friend who works at the VA here in Lincoln, and she mentioned that the post-9/11 GI Bill included a provision for benefits for on-the-job training,” said Wullschleger. “I was able to use the benefits for living expenses and apply some toward tools.”  

After Brody mentioned what he’d found out from his friend at the VA, Lincoln’s Airframe Manager Jeremy Rangel followed up with some inquiries and phone calls.

Although there is no cost to Duncan Aviation team members to attend the Airframe or the Engine Apprenticeship programs, veterans can use their benefits as Wullschleger did to help offset the cost of tools, and they can use their Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) toward living expenses while they’re taking classes, learning new skills, or working toward their FAA certification for Airframe and/or Powerplant.  

“We cover the cost of the program, including books, training and testing,” says Rangel. “Further, techs who are in the program are working full-time and are paid while they’re training. The VA Benefits Brody mentioned to us help offset living expenses for veterans, especially those who are supporting families.” 

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