A love of slick and shiny things

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A Mississippi pilot recently completed a new hangar where he paints aircraft with his own specially developed ceramic coatings and sealants.

John Mosely of Clinton, Mississippi, began his career by following in his father’s footsteps, painting cars in his dad’s autobody shop. That eventually led to painting aircraft, then developing his own line of products called John’s 360° Coatings.

“Being a painter by trade, I like everything I own to be slick and shiny, and I like customers’ cars and planes to be slick and shiny,” Mosley says.

The result of his success in business has led to the recent construction of a 100-foot by 150-foot hangar at John Bell Williams Airport (KJVW) in Bolton, Mississippi.

Mosely flying his TBF Avenger at Oshkosh.

Inside the hangar are offices, a pilot lounge, briefing room, receptionist’s desk, and two office desks made out of a DC-10 engine cowling.

Mosley earned his pilot’s certificate in 1992 and now has multi-engine and instrument ratings. One aircraft you’ll find in his new hangar is his Grumman TBF Avenger, an American bomber developed initially for the United States Navy and Marine Corps, similar to the Avenger future-President George H.W. Bush was shot down in over the Pacific Ocean during World War II.

“The reason I even entered that field is because we wanted a coating we could put on our round engine airplanes that would stand up to the engine oil, smoke, and all that with the cleaners we had had to use constantly,” Mosley says. “Anytime we used degreasers, it would take the wax off. We wanted a coating we could put on our airplanes, coat them one time, clean them as often as we needed, knowing that they would still be protected. You couldn’t do that with conventional waxes or sealants, so I started experimenting with a ceramic field which worked better than wax, but it didn’t hold up for a long time. Then I started researching polymer science.”

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