Classic Aero-TV: Light, Adaptable, Innovative – Clarity Aloft Intro?s the Flex!

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Tue, Jan 05, 2021

The newest addition to the Clarity Aloft headset range is a big departure from previous designs and ushers in a new standard for in-ear headsets.

Not only is it the lightest model yet from Clarity Aloft, it is also the most customizable. Pilots using the Flex can set the microphone boom on the right or left, adjust the boom length and headband circumference, and collapse it flat for storage. No other headset will disappear so completely onto your head or into your flight bag.

This feature-rich design is also TSO certified. What sets it apart from other TSO certified headsets is that it is light AND quiet. It’s 29-47dB of attenuation means you can protect your hearing, be exceptionally comfortable, and arrive less fatigued.

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