The benefits of leaping in with both feet

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You may find this hard to believe, but I believe my career in aviation is due, at least in part, to the influence of a freight pilot I’ve never met. More on that in a minute.

Maybe it’s because of my ever-advancing age, or the residual effects of the festive holiday spirit, but as this new year gets underway, I find myself looking into the past. Not as an evaluation of my life or career, but as almost a curious observer who is fascinated by what has come to pass. 

The desire to fly came to me in the late 1980s. I was a professional musician then, living in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan. Both rents and crime rates were high, while personal privacy and inner peace was nowhere to be found. Perhaps the quest for some sense of freedom is what appealed to me. I’m honestly not sure, but looking up into the blue from my postition at the bottom of the seemingly never-ending steel and concrete high-rise canyons of midtown, the idea of becoming a pilot became increasingly appealing. 

The career was an accident. It was never my intention to quit music, and I haven’t. Thank goodness for that.

Greenwich Village (Photo by Peter w. moon)

In the musical world, I found a level of success my teenage self would have never believed possible. It was my good fortune to play with some exceptionally talented musicians who were great friends, and to become friends with some gifted players from places far removed from my childhood home. 

The pinnacle for me is divided into two separate, but equally memorable, moments. One was standing on the stage of Radio City Music Hall before the doors were opened to the public. My friends the Smithereens were playing that night, backing up the Pretenders. To stand on that historic stage, alone, facing an empty room of such magnificence, affected me profoundly.

The second event occurred on Sept. 13, 1988, at the Acme

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