Zenith CH701 goes virtual

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I have a few dozen hours of time in Frasca simulators that date back to the 1980s while I attended the University of North Dakota. And I’ve never really been into computer-based flight simulators. They’re cool, massively popular, and more powerful than even just a few years ago, but I can’t get past the idea that I sit in front of my computer ALL DAY LONG. 

But then I watched the video trailer for SimWorksStudio’s Zenith STOL CH701 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

From the comfort of my computer, I could explore the world in stunning detail. A few thoughts came to mind after watching the trailer…

Caution for elephants near the runway. Explore river valleys below tree-top height Should you really fly that close to the pyramids of Egypt, a rock monolith, or Mt. Rushmore? You want to land…WHERE?

And if you’d like a little more detail on what went into making the Zenith CH701 simulator “real,” be sure to check out this expanded behind-the-scenes video…

I may have to give sims another look in 2021.

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