2020 proves to be a good year for KFET

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2020 was a great year for Fremont Municipal Airport (KFET) in Nebraska.

In November the new 9,600-square-yard apron was finished. It was needed because the old apron at the current terminal building is not in sight of KFET’s new runway.

And the Fremont City Council approved the construction of the new KFET airport terminal at its Nov. 24 meeting. (It looked like they were going to spend the whole meeting debating a mask mandate (it got tabled), but they did get to the airport.)

KFET’s new apron, from low approach in a 150. the old apron and terminal building are on the other side of the hangar rows.

The Airport Advisory Committee had already approved the design plan for the terminal, and unanimously approved the construction bid of Ronco Construction of Omaha.

KFET’s new runway and new apron. The current terminal building is visible at the upper right, just south of the curving highway. The old runway, closed because of the highway, is visible on both sides ot the wing strut.

The new apron was 90% funded by

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