Classic Aero-TV: One Tug Fits All??? – Best Tugs Pushes ANN Around

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Sun, Jan 10, 2021

If you think it’s hard to get excited about a tow tug that moves your airplane in and out of the hangar, think again. Technology is everywhere in aviation and the fact is, very few airplanes can get in and out of the hangar without help. While at Sun ‘n Fun 2016 ANN news editor, Tom Patton, met up with Mark Patey, the owner of a company known as, Best Tugs.

Patey had different tugs on display but the model he was demonstrating to Tom was specifically suited for all sorts of general aviation aircraft. The first thing he points out is that its low-profile makes it prop friendly. He goes on to show how its electric power allows it to be easily handled without the need to shift levers. Patey even let’s Tom give it a try!

Then, he gets into the details… This thing is adaptable to almost any general aviation airplane and is even set up to move helicopters. It can be also be used to move boats and trailers, it has jumpstart capability for 12 and 24 volt requirements, a USB adapter for charging appliances and, and you can get it in the colors of your choice. It would seem that the only thing this tug cannot do is make julienne fries.

When the question comes up about how much weight it can move, the only way to answer that is to watch the video.

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