Sporty’s debuts new multiengine training course

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One of the most exciting, useful, and just plain fun ratings a pilot can obtain — the multiengine rating — is also one of the most challenging.

Sporty’s new Multiengine Training course will guide you through each step of the rating, from the intricacies of multiengine aerodynamics to engine-out flight maneuvers.

“This all-new course was designed specifically for pilots adding a multiengine rating to their private or commercial certificate, but also focuses on practical skills for flying twins beyond the checkride,” says Sporty’s Academy President Eric Radtke. “You’ll learn how to manage the complex systems, higher speeds, and additional performance considerations that come with multiengine flying.”

Sporty’s Multiengine training course includes an array of popular twins, such as the Piper Seminole, Beech Baron, and Diamond Twin Star. The fuel, hydraulic and electrical systems of these airplanes are explained, along with flight planning and performance calculations. Single engine approaches are also demonstrated, including tips on handling engine failures during IFR flight.

Throughout the course you’ll see 4K video from both inside and outside the cockpit as you fly all the required maneuvers. Animations make complicated topics easy to understand and a complete document library is always available for review, Sporty’s officials note.


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