GA Heavily Restricted in UK Due To National Lockdown

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Mon, Jan 11, 2021

For GA in England, This Means That ‘No Leisure Flying Is Permitted’

As bad as the coronavirus situation feels like in North America, its far more restrictive in certain countries on the other side of the Atlantic.

Following the National Lockdown in England, the Department for Transport has issued further guidance for General Aviation in England this past week. National lockdown rules apply in England. For General Aviation (GA), this means that no leisure flying is permitted.

Permitted GA activities include:

GA flying is permitted for the purposes of work, where it is not reasonably possible to work or provide those services at home. Social distancing measures must be in place and observed at all times.

Flying training organizations providing training for professional pilots, for the purposes of work, may continue to do so. Individuals undertaking such activity may continue to attend for these purposes. Social distancing measures must be in place and observed at all times.

Engine health and maintenance check flights can only take place where there is a critical safety requirement to do so, and alternative options are not available. Such flights, where conducted, must be kept to the minimum duration possible and should land at the same airfield from which they departed, except where this is outside the reasonable control of the pilot.

More extensive guidance is available at the link attached below…

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